Lighting Systems
Visual Experience

American Spas are an oasis of relaxation. Sophisticated LED lighting systems add a new dimension to the spa experience. Colour-changing LED lights provide stimulation or relaxation, just as you desire. Ambient skirt lighting adds a touch of luxury, safety and comfort. Illuminate control panels are easy to use any time of the day.

LED-Lighting Jets

American Spas feature some of the latest massage jet designs. Each massage jet has been carefully positioned with a certain function in mind. Our LED illuminated jets provide targeted massage and visual experience.

Waterfall with LED Lighting

LED lights have been integrated in the water outlet. At night the waterfall of your spa turns into a source of water and light.

Underwater Master Light

At American Spas we want our customers to have a great spa experience at any time they desire. Each spa is equipped with at least one LED master light for safe entry and exit when using the spa in the dark.

Skirt Ambient Lighting

Elegant LED lighting integrated into the outside of each American Spa brings a touch of luxury to your backyard. When entering or exiting the spa, the skirt lighting provides additional comfort and safety.

Illuminated Controller

American Spas are equipped with the most up-to-date control systems made by Balboa. Our illuminate control panels are convenient to use at any time of day.


Availability of selected lighting options may vary from product to product. Please refer to the detail information provided on the respective product pages or consult one of our dealers for further information.