American Swim Spas
Ultimate Fitness Gym


Professional Training

American Swim Spas are the ideal device for your swim training. Enjoy the benefits of your very own private training pool right in your backyard and always ready for the next session.


Recreation & General Fitness

Our swim spas are suitable for all generations. Water surrounding your body significantly reduces pressures on joints and bones. Keep fit, dynamic and stay young with American Swim Spas.


Fun & Enjoyment

Sporting activities and movement for all generations. Your personal swim spa is far more than a fitness device. It provides joy to all generations.

Single & Dual Zone Swim Spas


Dual Zone Swim Spas

Swim Spas with two zones combine the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa into one unit. The result is a perfectly integrated and more efficient unit ideal for people don’t like to compromise. As both zones are completely independent you can not only use them individually but also set different water temperatures.

American dual-zone swim spas are available in different dimension and configurations.


Single Zone Swim Spas

Swim spas with one zone have a clear focus on aquatic exercise. Single zone swim spas are also an ideal addition for spa owners. Swim spas require much less space than traditional swimming pools, enabling you to have a swim spa and a spa even in smaller backyards.

American single-zone swim spas are available in different lengths to fit your backyard.