Massage Jets

Massage Jets Powerful & Targeted Massage

American Spas and Swim Spas are the result of 30 years of innovation and development. Our products have been designed to deliver the best possible spa experience to their owners. Every single massage jet havs been carefully positioned to perfectly work in conjunction with the rest of the jets. Flow optimized plumbing, extensive testing and years of experience allow us to create effective and efficient spas. Our spas provide first class hydrotherapy while at the same time work energy efficiently and reliably.

5" Large Typhoon

Powerful 5" massage jets with adjustable nozzle. Designed for powerful and targeted massage.

3" Mini Typhoon

Precise and versatile 3" massage jets which are combined in various task specific layouts.

4" Storm Jets

Provides a direct, penetrating massage to muscles in the back. Relieves tired muscles, stress & tension.

3" Rotating Mini Typhoon

Targeted 3" rotating massage jets which provide pulsating massage. Ideal in combination with other jets.

4" Rotating Storm Jets

Sends swirling currents of warm water circling throughout the spa. Vigorous whirlpool action delivers muscle penetrating massage.

2.5" Storm Jets

Focuses on pressure points on the neck, shoulders and back. Provides deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and soreness.

2.5" Rotating Storm Jets

Provides a rotational action delivering a penetrating massage. Adjust for a customized massage.

6.5" Monster Massage Jets

Delivers a deep forceful massage designed to soothe the feet. Large nozzle is easy to adjust.
Massage Jets Powerful & Targeted Massage

Massage Jets Powerful

River Swim Jets

Powerful swim jets positioned at two different heights for a realistic swim feel. Easy to use control system to select the desired speed.

Hurricane Swim Generator

Efficient and powerful swim current generator with multiple intensity levels to suit swimmers of all levels.

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